Randi-Mae began her mindfulness journey when she was 16 years old and hasn’t looked back since. Throughout her journey, she has had several informal and formal teachers. One of her favourite teachers once told her that, “joy lives abundantly within you, it is the mind that tries to convince you otherwise.” those words have stuck with her from that moment on. Prior to taking a leap into sharing wellness practices, she was a crisis counsellor for 5 years. She completed her Applied Mindful Meditation Certificate at the University of Toronto and has taken a life coaching program at the Transformational Healing Arts College. Her meditations are available on Insight Timer and she is the author of Reflections in My 20’s Searching for Meaning.
Her meditation practice is rooted in mindfulness and love. She believes if we still our minds and open our hearts we create room to live a life with more love, joy and peace.
Randi-Mae is a proud mom of a vibrant 5 year old, and owner of a peaceful dog with a cat name. “Puma”
She enjoys spending time spreading love with family, friends and people she meets along the way.
And a grateful student in earth school.
“Let’s find our light and illuminate the world.”