Schedule Details

Class times and teachers are updated daily on our schedule and are subject to change 


  • For the integrity of the class, latecomers are not permitted seriously we’re not joking! 
  • There’s always space available in class. Please arrive 15 minutes prior to class times, because nothing is worse than rushing to get to yoga and being locked out.
  • You may sign up online to reserve your space. If you have reserved your spot online, please check in with the desk a minimum of 15 minutes before class starts, otherwise your spot will be given to another student.
  • *Please note: if you sign up online and do not show up 3 times, you lose the privilege to sign up online!
  • Due to the popularity of our Karma classes we recommend arriving at least 30 minutes prior to the class.
  • Heated classes are held in the Moksha room. Non-heated classes are held in the Lotus room. The room location is listed beside the class name on our schedule.
  • Please note, if you have purchased a ***GROUPON***, you must come in to the studio to redeem before being able to reserve a spot for classes online.


Arrive at least 20 minutes early for class to fill out a waiver at our studio and redeem your Groupon – you cannot do this online. We will activate your pass in studio and then you’ll be able to sweat with us. Please bring the additional tax needed and a print out of the Groupon or have it ready to redeem on your phone.


The best way to start your yoga class is by being prepared! Here’s what to bring:

  • Yoga mat (don’t have one with you? No problem! Rent one from us)
  • 2 towels (also available to rent)
  • Reusable water bottle (please note, we do NOT sell plastic bottles at the studio!). Filtered water is available to refill your reusable water bottle.
  • Avoid coming to class on a full stomach – but make sure you’re well nourished. You’ll need energy for your class!
  • Arrive well-hydrated… drink plenty of water before class!
  • Wear clothing you feel comfortable getting sweaty in.
  • Arrive at least 15 minutes prior to class time * Latecomers are NOT permitted to class, sorry!


Here are a few ways we work together to make yoga a fun and peaceful experience for all:

  • Please remove your shoes and leave them at the front upon arrival.
  • Sorry, latecomers will not be permitted into class. Please arrive 15 minutes prior to class time.
  • Please turn off your cell phone in the studio. There are absolutely no cell phones or other mobile devices permitted in the practice room.
  • Please be scent-free: no perfumes, colognes, or fragrances.
  • Sign in at the desk before you enter the change room / practice room.
  • There are no bags or personal belongings allowed in the practice room.
  • Please observe silence in the practice room at all times. It’s our chance to relax in a busy day!
  • Please remain in the practice room for the duration of the class, which includes final ‘Savasana’ (a resting pose before and after class)


No Show Charge
A No Show charge occurs when you are signed up for a class and, you guessed it, do not show up OR cancel. A Late Cancel charge occurs when you cancel after that magical 2 hour mark before class. These charges are $20 for all classes, and we donate all of that money to a different awesome charity each month.

Sorry, but we cannot make individual exceptions. Just know that you have until 1 hour before the class starts to add yourself in, so you can always wait until you know you can for sure make it to save your spot!

Wondering about our age guidelines?
We maintain our adult classes at 16+ to ensure the integrity of the class for the instructor and other participants.
-Teens aged 16 can attend all of our classes, provided they are accompanied on each visit by a parent or guardian. This means they cannot practice alone, without their parent or guardian in the room with them.
-Young adults aged 17 may practice at the studio with parental consent, primarily issued on our waiver form. Alternatively you may call the studio and provide consent for your own child, or a child you are guardian of. Consent only needs to be provided officially once.
18+ is the age at which anyone can practice in our studio without external consent.